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of snow, and love, and music, and regret. . .

Also, the need to clone myself.

If the snow is too bad, they will call off the vocal/piano District division of ISSMA solo & ensemble contest. The rules say that it will then happen the following Saturday, which would be Feb. 13. Unfortunately, I'm supposed to be judging for the Catholic Youth Organization's version of solo & ensemble contest on Feb. 13.  I have to represent my school for my students to be able to compete in ISSMA, so I'd have to bail on judging for CYO, which I really don't want to do.  Plus, if it's that bad, Wild Mercy rehearsal will likely not happen either, because tollers would have such awful road conditions to try to get through (and we don't want her to have a wreck because of band practice!).

On the other hand, I love snow. Lots of snow. Snow, especially with my three-year-old around, means snowballs and snow angels and snowmen and snow forts. . .she just can't get enough, and we have to watch out, because she'd apparently rather lose fingers to frostbite than come in out of the snow. We have to lure her with promises of hot chocolate with whipped cream AND SPRINKLES to get her to come in! Plus, it'd be nice to have a day at home to prep for the Super Bowl party we're having on Sunday; we have major cleaning to do!

But I can't be in two places at once (unless cadhla  has a super-secret cloning lab I can use), so, regretfully, I have to hope we DON'T get tons of snow.  :(

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