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a long, long time ago. . .

in a galaxy far away, I used to use LJ a lot.  Then life got really crazy; I couldn't keep up with reading/posting on LJ and my actual, right-here-in-front-of-me life at the same time, so I dropped LJ and mostly just Facebooked.  Now the school where I work has blocked FB (although they say it's not blocked for teachers, but I get blocked every time I try to go to FB)...but LJ's not blocked.  :)  So I may be back here more often, and I will try to keep up better with my online friends. 

Many things have changed: I have two little girls, Maddie and Katie, and they are my wonder and joy and amazement in life.  Maddie takes violin lessons, and Katie wants to play cello just as soon as the Indianapolis Suzuki Academy will accept her for lessons (she's almost 2 1/2, but she needs to be 3 1/2 or 4 years old before they'll take her).  They both love to sing and dance, play princesses AND dinosaurs, and color and learn about science and play-fight with foam weapons.  I love them so incredibly much.  Maddie goes to preschool three days a week, and Katie will start preschool next fall.  Potty-training and alphabets and pets, oh my.  Also, we now have a rescued schnauzer mix named Gimli.  He's adorable and sweet and chews on everything he can get his teeth on, though he's not a puppy anymore.  At least he doesn't chase the cats...anymore.  Also doing some freelance editorial work, for Loconeal Publishing right now.  My practice with the Machete Squad for a certain award-winning author definitely helped me land that gig, and I'm thrilled and grateful for that.

Many things have stayed the same: I still teach at Brebeuf (this is my seventh year), I still play harp for all occasions, and we're still broke all the time.  We're staying in our house, at this point for the foreseeable future, so we fenced the back yard this summer, which was great.  At one point we were in pre-foreclosure, but that got settled, so we now have a more affordable mortgage payment.  Phil still works at Wiley.  Still playing in Wild Mercy, which most of you know :).

I'm looking forward to spending some time reading your most recent entries, but I know I won't be catching up all the way back to when I dropped out of the LJ-verse, so if there's something big in your life that you want me to know about, please message me or comment on this post.
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