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What Black Friday?

Seriously.  Nobody in our family takes Christmas shopping THAT seriously; we'll find the things we really want to give people, and we're all on tight budgets these days, but none of us really needs more STUFF, either.  So we slept in, did laundry, dishes, & other household chores, ate both lunch and dinner together as a family (that hasn't happened in a pathetically long time, which is why I listed it), and I got 50 pages edited on the current manuscript for Loconeal Publishing.  (For my LJ-but-not-FB friends: I am now an editor for Loconeal Publishing--for real!  Got my first check today, for a book I did last month.  Woohoo!  Now copyediting a fantasy novel.)  A quiet day at home.  Even got to take time to just play with the dog.  (Oh, LJ friends, he's new too--just a few months ago, rescued by friends of SallyWINOLJ, adopted by us on her recommendation.  Mini schnauzer, just under 2 yrs old, sweet boy--named him Gimli.  It's the beard and the eyebrows that did it.)

Yesterday was a marathon gig, playing harp for a brunch at a fancy hotel downtown.  They booked me for 3 hours, kept me 2 more; that'll be a nice check, whenever it arrives!  :)  Then met up with the rest of the family at my in-laws' place for their potluck Thanksgiving.  Ate like a starving woman (well, after five hours of playing with nothing to eat since breakfast seven hours before, I WAS a starving woman!), then went nearly comatose from the full belly and adrenaline crash.  You see, the reason the hotel wanted me to stay the final hour was because they had VERY SPECIAL guests: a bunch of Indianapolis Symphony musicians!  EEEEEEP.  I peeked over the balcony at one point and Jack Everly, the conductor of the ISO Pops series, was down there!!!  And I'd already been playing my fingers sore for FOUR HOURS...so I turned up the volume a titch on the amp, so I wouldn't have to pull on the strings at ALL, and stuck with only stuff I knew my muscle memory could handle if my brain fried.  Better to play less-advanced stuff and play it WELL than try to impress someone with fancy music and screw it up. . .and I knew I was running on nothing but adrenaline and painkillers at that point.  Did I mention I'm having shoulder surgery in December for a SLAP tear (supra-labral anterior-posterior tear, that is)?  So yeah, not at my peak physical condition either.  :P  One of the ISO guys, though, made a point of stopping to tell me how much they'd all enjoyed the music, as I was packing up.  Decent of him.  Then again, maybe it's just a treat for a pro to hear music THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO MAKE.  ;)

Tomorrow will be another marathon day: Gimli has a 7 am grooming appointment (ergh; that's me leaving at 6:40 am to get him there), then an oil change for the van, then a quick shower and off we go to my parents' for a sort-of-Thanksgiving.  I don't know if they're doing turkey or not.  My mother cooks the whole thing.  She never asks anyone to bring anything, and she's an awesome cook.  I do know there will be pumpkin pie, which I'd avoided at the in-laws' because it was store-bought, not homemade.  After all that, Phil and the girls go home and I go play Elven Special Forces with textdeviant and others.  Sunday morning I sing a duet with a friend at both the 8 am and 10:45 am services.  And then things quiet down again.  I am grateful for today's peace and quiet at home (as I typed that, my grumpy-old-man-cat Pixel yowled from behind me--oh the irony), since it looks like most of the rest will be hectic.  Good, and fun, and occasionally productive, but...hectic. 

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