November 9th, 2009


no house

So after looking at the house, which turned out to have been inhabited by chain-smokers for 40 years (the wallpaper looked like that weird '60's orange, until you saw the cream-colored rectangles where pictures had hung and realized that was NICOTINE!  Ewwww!), we still thought that we could rehab it: rip out all the carpet, repaint EVERYTHING, etc.  Got the call from the financing guys and there will be no home loan in our immediate future.  My credit score is too low.  My husband's is great, but it will take both our incomes to buy a house, so my credit has just nixed that until I can bring the score up.  A bill went to collections last February; I paid it in full, but too late.  Here's the weird one: I have two late payments on my Kohl's card.  I knew there had been late payments, because they never send me a statement until I'm past due.  It's so weird: I only get statements from them every other month.  At first I thought I'd lost it, but over and over again, by the time I receive a statement about a purchase, it's already been over a month.  Good thing I've only used the card twice in the last year!  So I called Kohl's today and explained that I hadn't complained about this issue before, even when it cost me late fees, because I simply didn't think it was that big a deal.  I had no idea they were reporting it!  (Credit reporting is voluntary: they don't HAVE to do it, and many companies don't unless someone is majorly delinquent.)  Given that they're reporting me for late payments when they don't send me a statement until it's too late to pay it on time, I think they should remove that from my credit report, don't you?  Yes!  So they're going to "review" my account and send out a letter sometime in the next 3 business days.

Here's another "black mark" on my credit: it looks like I just took out my mortgage 8 months ago, because apparently that's when Chase acquired it.  That's clearly in error, because it's supposed to show your whole mortgage history.  It's not like you have a choice when your mortgage gets sold to someone else, and it shouldn't count against you on your credit.  SO FRUSTRATING!  So between the collection (which won't drop off the radar for 12 months: that's Feb 2010) and these other things, we can't get a mortgage right now.  <sigh> I was just saying how claustrophobic I was getting in my own house, and now it looks like we're stuck there for the winter. Time to totally reorganize again and see what we can live without.  Wish we could afford to rent storage, but that kind of sabotages saving up for a down payment or paying off debt.  :(
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