November 23rd, 2009


there's no place like home for the holidays. . . but whose home??

Thanksgiving! AUGH! My mother suggested, two years ago, that it was really hard on our daughter to drag her to both my parents' and my in-laws' T-day celebrations in one day, and that we should alternate. Good idea! Last year we went to my parents' house for the entire day and didn't see the in-laws at all. Logically, this year we should go to the in-laws, yes? So I got ambushed this morning with a huge guilt trip from my mother because she bought a big turkey without checking with us first (and apparently because she can't count to two and realize that if we were at HER house last year, we would be at THEIR house this year). I hate Thanksgiving. I don't even like turkey. And I REALLY don't like my mother making the holidays into emotional tug-of-war. Grrrrr.
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