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OVFF and S00j: musical goodness!

Wow!  OVFF was a blast!  All I got to see was the nominees' concert, but it was so much fun!!  Big thanks to Barry & Sally for allowing me to crash in their room overnight rather than try to drive back in the wee sma's; to Judith for the two extra buffet tickets that fed me and my daughter the next morning; and to Bill & Gretchen Roper for the box of baby clothes--hand-me-downs rock!  Great to have a chance to at least say hi to and hug so many of the filk community whose company and music I enjoy so much!

Last night I got to hear the Skinny White Chick live for the first time.  I brought my daughter Maddie, and she was totally captivated by "Alligator in the House".  Throughout the evening, Maddie both embarrassed and amazed me, because she kept asking questions NOT in a whisper (embarrassment!) about the lyrics she was hearing (amazement!).  She gave Sooj and Betsy both big hugs after the concert, which tickled everyone who witnessed it, and overall just was ridiculously fun to have with me.  I love that she's getting big enough to actually enjoy things like this, although she's still way too wiggly to stay in a chair the whole time.  No symphony concerts for her for a while yet!

In other news, we finally have found a good house prospect (we think) and we'll be walking through it on Sunday.  Wish us luck!  Mama needs a new music room!  :)
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