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best froufrou coffee EVER!

I don't drink real coffee.  Not black, not with cream, sugar, or both.  Nope. To drink coffee, I have to add chocolate.  So I'm one of those froufrou "coffee drink" people who REALLY can't afford a Starbucks habit because it costs more than double a plain ol' cup of joe.  But I found the best cafe mocha EVER yesterday when I visited Books-A-Million for the very first time.  Selection was good; not as heavy on the scifi and fantasy as Borders, but good overall, with some fun accessory stuff I hadn't seen in other bookstores.  After picking up the newest Sharon Shinn to hit paperback (FORTUNE AND FATE: great book! Fifth in the Twelve Houses series), I wandered over to the requisite bookstore coffee nook: BAM's is called Joe Muggs.  Not only do they have cafe mocha, they have DARK cafe mocha, with Ghirardelli Mint Bliss chocolate, even!  That sounded too good to be true, but I ordered it anyway. 

For once, something wasn't too good to be true.  I can't describe how good that tasted.  I just can't.  Go buy your own.  Amazing!  Made my day, since Maddie had had a rotten night the night before and I hadn't gotten much sleep.  It almost completely made up for being a zombie on a day when I had to work a full day plus a rehearsal with a children's choir plus a music planning meeting for two upcoming worship services.  And it cost the same as the Starbucks version.  Too cool! 

Of course, now that I've relived the experience in text on LJ, I want another dark cafe mocha. . .
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