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really tired today but probably worth it

Last night was a choral festival that my choirs go to every year at Marian University in Indianapolis. We're only supposed to bring one choir, so I always pick two of our mass numbers to do so that I can bring two choirs and have them sing together. :) Each Catholic high school choir performs two songs of their choice, and then the concert ends with a huge mass number. For never having sung these pieces together before, and only getting fifteen minutes of practice time together, I was VERY proud of my choirs. We did an easy Mark Hayes piece (3-part accompanied) that was very high-energy and fun, and then brought out the big guns: Darmon Meader's arrangement of the Coventry Carol, one of the most beautiful and haunting melodies EVER. Really dissonant harmonies (if that's not an oxymoron) in the second verse and then some very funky modern reharmonization in the last verse. Four-part and a cappella. We have worked our tailfeathers off learning this (Darmon Meader arranges for the New York Voices, a professional vocal ensemble), and last night we took it to a new level for us. Heard some really wonderful choral music from a couple of the other choirs too, which will hopefully inspire my singers when I rant about the importance of good vowel shapes, dynamics, and blend. Very satisfied with the whole thing. Just wish I didn't have to get up the next morning and come to work! <yawn>
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